Don't go there 1 Star Rating
1/5 - - Posted by Seokhee
It's quite shady place. I think my biggest mistake was trusting "used car salesman". I got 2014 MDX just hitting 30K miles. but the tires was worn out a lot. but the salesman (Young Park) said that's usual original tires life. so I trusted him since he is Korean like me. when I did test driving, I got a lot of disturbing. he kept talking and pressing many switches(it was IDS button). After I purchased the MDX , I realized something was not right. car started vibrating when I brake and felt like the car was driven more than on odometer. I asked to fix the brake issue but he didn't call me back again which was same as I asked second driver key. buying new car, I guess the price and brand is matter but buying used car, you'd better find reliable dealer. good lessons learned with spending more than $30K.